Handmade from 100% Cotton with no wires. Featuring Various Character Prints on one side and Solid Color on the opposite side of mask. Many Face Mask are made with durable curly, regular cord, and straight elastic in various matching colors. Storage Case and Extender included.

  • Brand: VerniG@URC-1Designs
  • SKU: LLW0201_A-F, LLW0209, LLW0215, LLW0216, LLW0225, and LLW0229
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Cute and Adorable Little Reversible Mask Part 1: *

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Note: When selection LLW0201_A-F,   for the inside color.  Please indicate Color and Letter. 

A= Red

B = Hot Pink

C = Pink

D = Green

E = Extra Large Red Only

F= Aqua